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  • Welcome to Fascination PUR worldwide!
  • Welcome to 抖阴唯一官网下载 Machinery Shanghai Ltd.

Welcome to Fascination PUR worldwide!

Welcome to 抖阴唯一官网下载 Machinery Shanghai Ltd.

抖阴唯一官网下载There is not only one single special property that is responsible for the worldwide success story of polyurethane. Polyurethane products have as many properties as shapes and, therefore, they offer the PU processor almost unlimited possibilities. Plastics have long been an integral part in many areas of modern life. For seven decades, 抖阴唯一官网下载 GROUP has been developing and designing high-class machine and systems technology as well as process technology for polyurethane processing. Thanks to intensive research and development work, we are able to offer innovative systems and technologies with highly economic and ecological benefits tailored to meet our customers' requirements in a wide range of applications. Today, there is hardly any polyurethane-based product idea that cannot be realized by 抖阴唯一官网下载 GROUP.

Latest news and press releases

Despite the omnipresent Corona crisis, 抖阴唯一官网下载 is investing around two million euros in a step-by-step structural transformation of its standardized metering machine production. Creating added value under the umbrella of the company's “抖阴唯一官网下载 2.0" strategy, this venture represents one of the...

Unveiling the HPS depiction at the inauguration of the new production system by Rolf Friedli, Chairman of the Advisory Board 抖阴唯一官网下载 GROUP and Thomas Wildt, CEO 抖阴唯一官网下载 GROUP (from L to R)

The global Corona pandemic continues to pose immense challenges to us and our customers. Although the number of cases particularly in Europe and Asia has been considerably contained, large parts of the world population are still living with large-scale restrictions. As a global company, the 抖阴唯一官网下载 GROUP must be...

Quick action prevents the worst during a blaze at the company's research center.

Following the outbreak of a fire in 抖阴唯一官网下载's research center (the TECHCENTER) in Sankt Augustin in the evening of 24th June, we are pleased to confirm that there were no direct or indirect injuries. After...

One global team, one objective: maintain customer satisfaction even during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear 抖阴唯一官网下载 GROUP customers,

You are most certainly following the latest developments in the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Europe and many other parts of the world and it is likely...

Trade-fair participations

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Customer feedback

Glassline is a technological high-end product, the only one of its kind in the world. It combines 抖阴唯一官网下载's comprehensive experience in terms of reaction moulding machinery and our long years of expertise regarding the encapsulation of automotive glass. In this way we define a new standard for glass encapsulation.

Hans Brandner, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter BBG GmbH & Co.KG (Germany)

抖阴唯一官网下载Our long-standing, close partnership with 抖阴唯一官网下载 allows development processes to be accelerated, especially when it comes to new challenges.

抖阴唯一官网下载Peter Egger, Divisional Management of the Technology Center for Lightweight Composites Engel Austria (Austria)

抖阴唯一官网下载Our business partnership with 抖阴唯一官网下载 goes back many years and has always been characterised by constructive and professional co-operation. The investment in modern production technology is a cornerstone for future success in the market, just as the old plant used to be in the past.

Dr. Zeinab El-Ghazaly, CEO TAKI-Group (Egypt)

The multifunctional CSM technology convinced us right in 抖阴唯一官网下载’s spray center. For Otto Bock, the new laboratory plant is an ideal solution with a far-reaching range of applications.

Dr. Peter Gansen, CEO Otto Bock Kunststoff GmbH (Germany)

抖阴唯一官网下载PUR-CSM enables us to manufacture a product, which is pleasing to the eye because the 抖阴唯一官网下载 technology - in contrast to traditional production methods – gives us complete freedom regarding design.

George Magirescu, Founder and President Corium Urethane Technologies (Canada)

If anything, we regret not investing in 抖阴唯一官网下载 plant technology earlier.

抖阴唯一官网下载Tushaar Gautam, Sheela Foam (India)

I associate 抖阴唯一官网下载 with excellent customer service, before, during and after an order is placed. What should especially be mentioned is the overall service and production assistance in the initial start-up phase.

抖阴唯一官网下载Tushaar Gautam, Sheela Foam (India)

We are generally interested in surfaces that have a superior feel. The interior calls for the most different requirements and PUR-CSM has a clear potential for the manufacture of sprayed skins.

抖阴唯一官网下载Wolfgang Ehnert, F.S. Fehrer Automotive GmbH (Germany)

抖阴唯一官网下载The new high-pressure technology of 抖阴唯一官网下载 has proved itself extremely well within the production process and fulfils to our complete satisfaction the highest expectations in terms of quality and quantity.

Andy Hudspith, ISD Solutions (United Kingdom)

We wanted to provide our customers with the best slabstock products and so we needed the best equipment that was available on the market. By choosing the QFM, we were going for a production line that provides excellent foaming quality on the one hand and a very efficient use of raw materials on the other.

抖阴唯一官网下载Francisco Herrera, CEO Ureblock S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)

抖阴唯一官网下载We have doubled our production capacity since introducing the QFM systems – that speaks for itself and of course for 抖阴唯一官网下载. With the help of NovaFLex® technology, we quickly became the leading providers of CFC-free foam products in the whole of Latin America.

Francisco Herrera, CEO Ureblock S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)

Find the right machine system for your product idea

Find the right machine system for your product idea.